About Us


Professional refurbished iPhone and Samsung wholesaler

Onesky is a trusted wholesale to buy refurbished iphone and samsung ,Since 2015.
We sell to small retailers, repair shops, wholesalers, refurbishers, and smaller distributors around the world.
We are focus on Grade AAA quality phones with 12 month warranty.
When you buy mobile phones from Onesky, you receive the highest-quality phones and our outstanding customer service,
with dedicated experts to help you find exactly what you need.

what support you will get from Onesky

High Quality

All of our refurbished phones are Grade AAA quality, And strictly tested before shipping, Return rate less than 1%.

Fast Shipping

Onesky has thousands of smartphones are in stock and ready to ship out.

Competitive Price

Onesky try to save cost, and make less profit to support our customers to increase sales.u00a0

Month Warranty

We offer the longest warranty on the wholesale market ever offered.

How we test phones

test iphone

Phone Sealed Steps

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